About Us

The Rockford Lacrosse Mission:

    • We are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the sport of lacrosse and preparing players for competition.
    • Rockford Lacrosse is an all volunteer, non-profit organization funded by player dues and donations.
    • We strive to develop student athletes of character, integrity and sportsmanship who will utilize their skills in a team environment to help create a winning program.
    • We utilize positive coaching and positive leadership to encourage an environment of learning, competition and fun.
    • We offer lacrosse clinics and competitive teams to allow athletes of all ages to participate in the sport of lacrosse.


Rockford Lacrosse follows the Positive Coaching Model::

    • Replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with coaches who wants to win but has a second, more important goal of using sports to teach life lessons.
    • Teach our athletes that sportsmanship and honoring the game is the most important part of competitive sports.


Rockford Lacrosse is available to All Players::

    • Rockford Lacrosse is always open to new or returning players.
    • Our player scholarships ensure no player will be prevented from playing because of financial hardship.
    • No prior experience is required for players to join our club.